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Opiate Addiction Medication Helps Other Forms Of Therapy

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Many different types of therapy are used as part of addiction recovery. Medication therapy is part of the plan. Medication can help you find relief from the symptoms of opiate addiction, and it can also help you move forward with other types of therapy for mental health relief.

Are you thinking about pursuing medication therapy for opiate addiction but wonder if you should also seek other forms of therapy? These are some of the forms of therapy that pair well with opiate addiction medication.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, helps people deal with all types of problematic behavior, including those related to substance abuse. Your therapist will help you predict situations that might be problematic and then apply strategies that help you prevent relapse and other issues. CBT can be used with medication therapy.

In addiction recovery, CBT is commonly used to change the way one thinks and behaves. It may be used to address mental health issues as well, including depression and anxiety. When paired with medication, CBT can be very effective because it removes the trigger of cravings for substances during mental health treatment.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, is used to help people regulate their emotions. This can be especially helpful for those who have experienced self-harm or suicidal ideation alongside substance abuse or addiction. Medication can keep cravings at bay, as they can be especially difficult to contend with when you are trying to regulate your emotions.

Therapists will encourage their patients to use techniques like yoga, controlled breathing, and muscle relaxation to build healthy changes. Medication can make it easier for you to focus on doing these activities, and it will also prevent substances from impacting your emotions outside of therapy when you are trying to apply these techniques in real life.

Motivational Therapy

Motivational therapy is often used specifically with addiction, and it is used to keep you motivated to pursue treatment. Your therapist will use different techniques to keep you involved in the process of receiving the treatment you need. Addiction medication helps you stick to your goals without appealing to cravings.

Seek Opiate Addiction Treatment Today

Medication is a very useful tool for overcoming and coping with opiate addiction, but other forms of therapy are also crucial to getting to the root cause of the matter. If you are thinking about addiction recovery for opiates, it is a good idea to consider medication clinics on top of other forms of therapy.