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What Happens In Teen Substance Abuse Facilities?

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If you are a parent of a teenager with a substance abuse problem, you are probably dying to get them help. Your teen may think they are all grown up and able to make their own decisions, but they will always be your little boy or girl, the child you watched grow. Substance abuse has a way of changing people, so getting help early is critical. Teen substance abuse treatment facilities may seem a little intimidating, but they can do a world of good for your child. There are many different ways your teen will be treated upon entry of a facility, all of which will be personalized to their individual needs. Some of the treatment types most facilities offer are as follows.

Individual Therapy

One reason that many adults and teens get into substance abuse is a desire to escape from their problems and challenges. Instead of having to feel sad, upset, or hurt, many people turn to drugs or alcohol to numb those unwanted feelings. For this reason, one of the main parts of a substance abuse treatment center is individual therapy with a psychologist or counselor. These doctors will help your teen to deal with anything that is giving them a reason to use, and help them to deal with those feelings in a better way. 

Group Therapy

Another huge benefit of a treatment facility is the chance it gives your teen to see other people struggling like they are. This can help them to open their eyes and see what they have become. They will be able to sit in group therapy with other teens and hear their challenges and gain strength from their victories. 

Contingency Plans

A huge benefit of a treatment center is its ability to give your teen the tools to make a contingency plan. This means that they will walk them through potential situations where they could be tempted to relapse into drug use. Counselors will then help them to figure out how to avoid those situations or redirect the trajectory of any interactions that may lead to drug use. 

In conclusion, taking your teen to a substance abuse facility allows them a little time away from their world in order to get their lives back on track. Unfortunately, once they return to their normal daily lives they will be faced with all of the same people and situations that got them into trouble. For that reason, many teen substance abuse treatment facilities will work hard to equip them with the tools they need to change their circumstances and control their destiny.