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Online Affairs – Is It Happening To You?

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Marriage isn't easy – it never was and it never will be, but honestly, those older couples that you see walking around hand in hand, loving each other until death do they part, they had far fewer obstacles than couples today.

Today, technology makes it so easy for a spouse to cheat without physically cheating. It opens a door that is easy to sneak through without much concern about what it could do to your relationship if your spouse was to find out.

Is your marriage coming to an end? How do you know when it's time to throw in the towel? What are the signs that your spouse is having an online affair? Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you identify an online affair.

  1. Does your spouse hide and/or lock his or her cell phone? If your significant other is very protective about their phone, chances are, they're up to no good. Pay attention – is the phone ever left face up while your spouse isn't in the room? Cheaters tend to keep their phone on their person at all times – when it's not in their possession, it's face down where you'd have to physically touch it to see what's popping up on the screen.
  2. Are you both on social media platforms but not friends? If you have separate social media accounts but aren't friends on the platforms, chances are, they are saying and doing things that they don't think that you'd like or feel comfortable with. Connect with friends who are friends with them, someone that you can trust to be honest about their activity on the website.
  3. How often does your spouse ignore your conversations for conversations being had on the phone? If you're sitting right beside your spouse and it's as if you're alone, it's not good.
  4. Has your spouse made appearance changes? If your spouse suddenly does something to change the way that he or she looks, chances are, they are up to something. If they did nothing to impress you and then, begin dressing to impress, there's likely someone else.

Before you begin making big changes in your life, consider individual counseling. Insecurities, depression, anxiety and other situations can cause you to see things a little less clearly than you normally would. Before you jump the gun and begin accusing your significant other of anything, start with you – it will help you clear your head so that you can think much more clearly. Contact a service, like The Counseling Group PL, for more help.